A Religious Golfers Insights on Investing…


Every time I win on a tournament, I make it a point to tithe on my winnings.  Believe it or not, I have discovered from personal experience that it is impossible for a man to outgive God. I give the church a tenth of the income I earn and I believe it is money well invested that goes to further the work of God on earth.  But so much more comes back to me in blessings both monetary and spiritual.  More than that tenth I gave could ever buy.

A man has the duty of looking to the state of his flocks. You work hard six days a week and try to bring in an income.  But if you fail to account for what comes in and out of your pocketbook, you will not be able to care for the blessing you have been given by God.  That is why I always list down my expenses to the smallest detail and I stick to a monthly budget.  I motivate myself by seeing it as a way for me to serve God.  By being stable in my finances, I can be a better instrument in his hands.

I always strive to keep a detailed accounting of my finances.  I believe this too is part of God’s law of love.  The more you build up your resources, the more you are able to serve others and care for those in need.  The more you are able to give to God and further the work of the church.

It seems we are all custodians of what God chooses to give us here on earth.  At the end of our lives, he will ask usinvesting tips how much we have made of the talents he has given us.  Like the master who asked his servant in the Parable of the Talents,  God may well ask us to give an accounting of what we did to all the income he gave us.  Did we put it in business to make it grow ten times?  Did we put it in the bank to grow five times?  Or did we just bury it under the ground like the evil servant?

Living simply is also another precept we can find in God’s word.  And I believe living simply, maintaining a low upkeep, has actually contributed a great deal to me personally in strengthening my finances, and even promoting a healthier body, and a happy, uncomplicated mental outlook on my part.

Our present society is so saddled in consumerism that you can see people fighting and hurting each other during thanksgiving over black Friday deals. It is just so sad. Is that where the spirit of thanksgiving has come to these days?  Greed, getting for the self, being so focused purely on the material?   Maybe that is also why our nation’s economy is sick right now.   So many individuals are saddled in debt.  Our country is similarly indebted to other nations in unbelievable amounts that stand in the trillions.  There is something wrong and almost immoral about holding such terrifying debt levels.  If a country is indebted that way, how can it be strong enough to provide for its citizens?  The financial rules that apply to one person also hold true for a nation.

But individually, we can do our part and take care of our own.  Even while our nation’s economy falls under distressing conditions, our financial lives need not be in the same situation.  We are the masters of our own destiny.  With God guiding us and blessing us because we are living his way of love and give, we can stand alone with God even in times of economic crisis.  We can trust in his word that he will provide for us because we have done our part.

There are a number of ways for a family to secure its finances in the midst of a failing national economy.  Things like saving a set amount each month, maintaining an emergency fund apart from your own savings, investing in your own house rather than renting .  If you do your part to secure your future,  God will do the rest to ensure your efforts succeed.  But “your efforts” is the operative word.  You must do your part.  There are a lot of financial schemes available today.  But one has to be wise in making decisions about their choosing where to invest their hard earned money.  Seek God to guide you.  Seek counsel from those knowledgeable in this area.